How to convince your boss

You’re staring at your screen right now. You might be at work, you might be lounging on your bed, you might be on the subway. You are staring at your screen right now because you love design.

You live, breathe, and eat design and think the whole world should, too. Since you’re staring at your screen, you’re probably not talking with other designers at the moment; you probably haven’t spoken to a designer outside of work in weeks. Let’s do something about that.

It’s time to unleash your creativity and your ideas. Meet and interact with 1000 designers in the flesh at UI/UX Conf in Shanghai this September. Learn about new trends, find people that agree with and that challenge your design philosophies, make lifelong friends that are also making the world a more well-designed place.

This two-day conference will have networking, talks by 18 top designers from all over the world, and 4 workshops for you to grow personally and professionally as a designer.

UI/UX Conf China was born from Wiredcraft’s monthly UIUX meetups in Shanghai, which took off like wildfire. The meetups soon had waitlists longer than your arm and people were clamoring for more opportunities to hang out and network, so the folks at Wiredcraft put together this conference to unite all of these interested designers and design experts from around the world.

Covering for your ticket and other expenses

Good news, you can convince your boss. Going to conferences isn’t just about individual growth; it can really help your team. Benefits for your company for attending UI/UX Conf:

Is UI/UX Conf China expensive?

Conference Price
IXDC in Beijing 2018 633 USD (4000RMB)
UXPA in Puerto Rico 2018 1150 USD (7263RMB)
UX and Digital Design Week in London 2600 USD / 17000 RMB
HybridConf in Berlin 550 USD / 3700 RMB
UIST in Tokyo 695 USD / 4600 RMB
Service Design Hong Kong 500 USD / 3350 RMB
UX Australia 880 USD / 6800 RMB

Included with the ticket

Email Template

We’ve made it easy. Here’s a template to send to your boss:

To: El Jefe [[email protected]]

Subject: UI/UX Conf China 2018 will benefit our design team

Dear El Jefe,

Design is our company's heart and soul. We know the importance that design makes in our everyday workflow and our products and how it's an ever-evolving field. In support of our company's commitment to design, I think we should sponsor our team's attendance at UI/UX Conf China on Sept 1-2 in Shanghai (

UI/UX Conf is a nonprofit, community-driven conference that focuses on bringing together designers of all disciplines to share in knowledge and community. The conference was born from the UI/UX Designers Meetup in Shanghai and has the strong support of the design community. I believe our company would benefit from our designers' attendance for the following reasons:

1. This conference is a chance to hear from respected designers from all over the world, sharing what they do at their companies
2. We'll have the chance to interact with designers from companies like Google, IDEO, Wiredcraft, Dribbble, Ueno, Alibaba, Ark, etc to have success design processes
3. This is an opportunity to build a network for recruitment and generating leads
4. The price point is awesome - at 700RMB for group deal, it's a steal compared to other conferences in the Asia-Pacific region
5. The design team will come back inspired and will learn from the community, bringing back new ideas to the team
6. A trip to such an awesome conference will offer us a chance to relax and refresh and return ready to great work
7. We should take advantage of this great opportunity to meet designers in the greater Asian community.
8. We can take advantage of the early bird discount, or look into the group rates (5 or more at 700 RMB each) offered here.

Best Regards,
Your Dazzling Designer