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UI/UX Conf At Glance

What is UI/UX Conf?

UI/UX Conf China is a leading community-driven design fest organized by Wiredcraft, which evolved from the UI/UX Designer Shanghai Meetup. Our first UI/UX Conf back in 2016, gathered together over 1000 attendees from 43 countries. This year, UI/UX Conf 2018 will take place on September 1-2, 2018 in Shanghai. This two-day conference will feature 20+ speakers, 15+ talks, and 4 workshops that focus on design, technology and business.

Why attend UI/UX Conf?

For those of you who are searching for creative inspiration outside of your own bubble, this is a great opportunity to learn, share and absorb. Sometimes attending a conference is not just about learning the latest industry trends, but also getting a deeper understanding of the interdisciplinary approaches that help to shape design. In order to constantly come up with latest and greatest ideas, it is important for designers to always be attentive to unexpected sources of inspiration. So why not challenge yourself to step out of your usual creative sphere and meet many other interesting perspectives from all over the world, learn skills, encounter new ideas, and have fun.

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Naming standard

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Here you can find videos, photos, and logos for UI/UX Conf. You can download the full press kit below.

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UI/UX Conf 2016 Video

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We prepared two versions of the logos for two scenarios: the one with ‘Shanghai 2018’ for context that is fitting for telling about UI/UX Conf 2018, the one without ‘Shanghai 2018’ for a general context.

Logo guidelines

The UI/UX Conf marks include the UI/UX name and logo, and any work, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of UI/UX Conf’s products. Please do not modify the marks or use them in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by UI/UX Conf, or in a way that confuses UI/UX Conf with another brand.

About Us

The conference is organized by Wiredcraft.

We help the largest brands in the world design software and hardware that impact millions of people. We work with digital and innovation teams within larger multinational companies. We help them move at the speed of startups and develop a product culture, usually around one of these challenges: Omni-channel strategy, digital transformation and China digital strategy.

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